About Us

After more than 50-year history in the apicultural industry, Wescobee honey company’s B Naturals range promotes quality all natural Health and Medical care products to the world market.

Expanding on historical evidence from all over the world and current international research into honey and its associated medical applications, B Naturals has been developed to provide a range of natural therapeutic products derived from nature’s bio-engineer, the humble bee. Natural alternative therapies have become vital as more people develop resistance to typical antibiotic treatments.

B Naturals uses honey from Western Australia’s unique pollution free environment including the Jarrah tree in the state’s south west, which has naturally high antibacterial activity. This honey strongly inhibits the bacteria Staphylococcus aurous (Golden Staph), Streptococcus progenies and other bacteria affecting wounds to the body. The antibacterial activity of the honey is derived from a naturally occurring enzyme called glucose oxidize.

Besides having rare therapeutic value, B Naturals jarrah honey is also a pleasure to your taste buds. Treat yourself with the mellow, sweet-to-sour and rich flavor of our jarrah honey.